Cleen-Cut Flatbed Die Cutter

Cleen-Cut 60”, 80” & 105”

The Cleen-Cut Flatbed die cutter meets or exceeds the needs of most die cut operations. It will allow you to run short orders and a wide variety of products; accurately, efficiently and safely.

Cleen-Cut 30" Flatbed Die Cutter

Cleen-Cut 30”

    If you have a lot of orders less than 2,000 pieces, a large variety of products, limited space, or even a limited budget, the Cleen-Cut 30″ Flatbed die cutter may be just what you’re looking for.  

Cleen-Cut 15" Die Cutter

Cleen-Cut 15”

Our 15″ die cutter is an industrial quality machine in a small package, designed to do smaller jobs without sacrificing professional results. Small in size, big in capability.