About Us

Die Cutters has been manufacturing the Cleen-Cut line of flatbed die cutters here in Centralia, Illinois since 2004, beginning with the larger machines, and then adding the 30″ and 15″ models when customers expressed interest in roller die cutters that would fit in smaller spaces. Our machines are built right in our shop by people with years of experience in the die cutter manufacturing field who take pride in what they do, and our technical support staff have been involved with die cutting since the mid-1980s. Customer support means real, live people; when our customers call, they never get a recorded, “Please listen carefully, as our options have changed,” and they don’t have to press 1 for anything. We take good, personal care of our customers; we always have, and we always will.

In addition to building and providing parts and replacement urethane cutting cylinders for our own machines, we also provide parts and cutting cylinders for die cutters that were manufactured by Pioneer Container Machinery, and also rolls for other brands. We do custom urethane, and also urethane cutting pads.