Cutting Cylinders


  • Bonded urethane accepts any rule including straight and serrated with no change to your machine’s set up
  • Longest life of any type covering
  • Extend the life of your dies
  • In Stock “Exchange Program” for many brands – no down time
  • Order a spare cutting roll for your floor or recover your core
  • Need a custom cutting cylinder? Use Roll Specification Sheet for a quote

 Polyurethane Cutting Pads

Our specially formulated polyurethane cutting pads are proven to greatly extend die rule life on any type of flatbed die cutter including Thompson, clicker presses, beam presses, hydraulic presses, etc…
Most customers in a die cutting application choose the 50D durometer cutting pads and find that they far exceed the life of any other cutting media. The die knife actually penetrates the cutting pad as it cuts. The material does not flake away as some cutting pads do. You are not cutting against steel.
We offer a thickness range from ¼” to 1”, standard cutting pad sizes up to 46″ x 68″, however we can custom manufacture cutting pads of all sizes and durometers.


General Taper Gluer Compression Rolls and Custom Belt Pulleys


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Let us call you!