Cleen-Cut 15” Roller Press Die Cutter


Our 15″ die cutter is an industrial quality machine in a small package, designed to do smaller jobs without sacrificing professional results. Small in size, big in capability.





The 15” model was designed for people frustrated with the lack of a small, high-quality die cutter; many had been trying to make do with a scrapbooking cutter. If you are looking for a roller press die cutter that will provide professional results and still fit on a tabletop, we have what you want! The 15″ model is capable of scoring and embossing, and uses standard flat dies.





The 15″ roller die cutter is crafted with the same quality and precision as its larger relatives, and made to handle a wide variety of materials, including corrugated and paper products, corrugated and solid plastics, magnets, vinyl, puzzles, credit cards, ID tags, door hangers and much more. If your business has outgrown a hobby die cutter but hasn’t yet grown into a full-size industrial machine, our 15″ model may be just what you need.



As in all other Die Cutters Inc. products, special requirements can be taken into consideration when ordering. If you have any questions or aren’t sure about a product you want to cut, please feel free to call us at 877-7DIECUT (877-734-3288) and we’ll be happy to help. Pricing for the 15″ die cutter starts at $4,800.00.  All Die Cutters, Inc. products adhere strictly to safety requirements and OSHA standards.

Let us call you!
Let us call you!